Tank overflows and spills oil, brine

POWERS LAKE, N.D. – About 20 barrels of oil and 680 barrels of saltwater spilled near here today after a tank overflowed at a saltwater disposal well, the North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Division said.

The spill, reported by Oasis Petroleum, was contained on site, about six miles north of Powers Lake. The initial report says 20 barrels of oil and 660 barrels of saltwater have been recovered.

The Oil and Gas Division has a state inspector traveling to the site.

2 thoughts on “Tank overflows and spills oil, brine

  1. I read many oil stories where ‘barrels’ of oil or salt water are spilled. How many gallons is a ‘barrel’ in this connotation? I also feel the use of ‘barrels’ instead of gallons leaves the public thinking that this lesser amount of contaminant unit is less alarming to think about. I would appreciate a parenthetical (gallon) to accompany the barrel lingo. Thank you.

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