$71 Million Approved For Oil Patch Communities

BISMARCK — Twenty Oil Patch communities will receive $71 million in energy impact grants for assistance with water-related projects.

Grants approved Thursday by the Board of University and School Lands include:

— $5 million to expand Crosby’s water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

— $10 million to expand New Town’s water treatment plant, water and sewer system upgrades and street improvements.

— $5.7 million for the city of Ray to complete wastewater system improvements and water supply upgrades.

— $10 million for water supply and sewer improvement projects in Watford City.

— $3.8 million to extend trunk lines for water supply and wastewater treatment service in Killdeer.

— $2.1 million for the city of South Heart for the Dakota Prairie Refinery water pressure sewer main project.

The grants awarded Thursday do not include $14 million for hub cities of Dickinson, Williston and Minot.

The state will provide $240 million in energy impact grants during the 2013-15 biennium.

For a complete list of projects approved for funding Thursday by the Land Board, go to www.nd.gov/energyimpact.

The Land Board also established advisory committees to award $25 million in grants for K-12 schools affected by oil and gas development and $7 million in grants to support sheriff’s departments in Oil Country.