Faces Of The Boom: N.D. Provides Math Instructor With A Solution

Amanda Davis, center, tutors students at Williston State College on Thursday, April 18, 2013. Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service

WILLISTON, N.D. – Amanda Davis was struggling financially as an adjunct professor in Texas when a CNN story caught her attention.

The news story talked about how much money North Dakota has, prompting her to immediately Google “colleges in Williston.”

She learned that Williston State College had an opening for a math instructor, so she applied for the job, along with a position at another college.

Davis, 32, ended up receiving both job offers in one day, but decided Williston was the best place for her.

“Money wasn’t really the thing that drew me up here,” Davis said. “What drew me was the opportunities.”

Now finishing her first year at the college, Davis has more financial stability than she did working as an instructor for Tarrant County College in Texas, a position that did not provide benefits.

Her husband struggled to find steady work in Texas, but immediately found a job in Williston working for Napa Auto Parts.

While Davis moved to North Dakota from across the country, she was not a stranger to the state. Davis was born in Minot but moved in 1988 to Florida with her parents at age 8.

Now back in the north again, Davis is reconnecting with relatives.

“I’m on a homecoming thing,” Davis said.

Davis and her husband initially lived in a campus residence hall, but recently moved into a three-bedroom trailer with another couple from Texas they encouraged to move to North Dakota.

Davis enjoys the additional responsibility she now has as a member of the faculty rather than as an adjunct professor. This semester, she adopted a new textbook for college algebra that is taught with the iPhone and regularly holds tutoring sessions with students.

“I wanted to be somewhere where my skills would be put to use,” Davis said.

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