Oil Patch Cities Can Apply Early For Energy Impact Grants

BISMARCK – Communities in North Dakota’s Oil Patch can get a jump start on applying for a new round of energy impact grants, even though final legislative action has not yet been taken.

Cities can submit grant applications through April 30 to www.nd.gov/energyimpact for eligible construction projects.

The Legislature is considering several funding options, but the amount anticipated to be available for grants for the 2013-15 biennium is between $150 million to $224 million, the State Land Board said.

Board members decided to accept applications early to allow communities to begin construction projects. The Land Board will make grant commitments in late May or early June.

Eligible construction projects include water treatment facilities, waste water facilities and other city projects intended to support population growth. Grant requests for one-time projects related to building or improving physical assets will receive priority consideration.

An advisory committee of city, county and other local government officials will assist in making recommendations for the allocation of funds.