‘American Journey’ Williston Episode Was Show’s Highest Rated

WILLISTON, N.D. – The recent episode of “American Journey” with host Ty Pennington on HLN that featured Williston was the show’s highest rated, according to Gregg Thompson, the man featured in the episode.

If you missed it, the channel formerly known as CNN Headline News will air it again at 6 p.m. central on Sunday.

Thompson, who goes by Gregg Zart, moved to Williston from Washington a little over a year ago after losing his job as a graphic designer. He is best known for making YouTube videos documenting his life in Williston.

Thompson made an offhand comment to HLN that he was considering running for Williston mayor, which is included at the end of the show. Thompson said he wasn’t necessarily serious, but since the show aired he’s receiving a lot of support.