Delta Receives First Bakken Shipment

Delta Air Lines has received its first shipment of Bakken crude oil at its refinery in Trainer, Pa., Gov. Jack Dalrymple announced Tuesday.

The crude oil will be refined into jet fuel for delta’s fleet of airplaines. Delta’s subsidiary, Monroe Energy LLC, was forced to slow production at the 185,000-barrels-per-day plant last November, but is now receiving crude shipments from the Bakken rather than importing foreign crude at a higher cost.

“Delta is a great example of how Bakken crude is expanding our country’s domestic oil production and reducing our dependence on foreign oil,”  Dalrymple said in a news release.

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  1. Jim Johnson

    Will be a good day when they can start refining the oil here in ND and selling it locally for less money than the oil from over seas. But it seems hard to believe the oil companies will sell it for less than what they have already been able to charge the public. It is a wait and see proposition. If the pipeline goes thru they will ship the oil over seas. It would be better to refine locally and ship to our local markets the American people deserve it. It is time to stop being dependent on Foreign Oil and require American Cars to get at least 40 Miles to the gallon. I had a car that was built in 1995 and it averaged 36 to 42 miles to the gallon. This is 18 years later and they still are producing cars that get far less then 42 miles to the gallon?

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