Man’s Tent Still Standing After Williston Blizzard

Jim Menter adjusts his tent Saturday in Williston, N.D., that he reinforced during Friday night’s blizzard. Amy Dalrymple/Forum News Service

WILLISTON, N.D. – Jim Menter’s tent is still standing today after the blizzard, but it required a lot of work to reinforce it during the storm and trips to his camper to warm up.

The Illinois man who moved to Williston for work decided to see what it would be like to ride out a blizzard in a tent.

“It’s kind of like a snow day for an adult,” Menter said.

He used sleeping bags and other blankets to prevent snow and air from coming into the tent. He worked through the night during wind gusts of 35-mph and higher to reinforce the tent, including placing sand bags over two of the corners to weigh it down. He also used a dust pan and snow scraper to remove about an inch of snow from the inside of the tent.
Menter set the tent up near the RV he recently moved into, where he would warm up periodically by his space heater and change into dry gloves.

“When I’m out there I get comfortable with it and it’s not so bad,” Menter said Friday night.

On Saturday, the blizzard subsided and Menter put makeshift chairs inside the tent so he can hang out inside. He thinks he may try the idea again in the future, but next time would think more about the direction of the wind when he positions the tent.
“It’s kind of a learning experience for me,” Menter said.



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  1. Bob

    This Illinois man is just like the hardy North Dakotans in withstanding a blizzard storm. I was born & raised in western ND and have experienced storms of this nature.

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