Land Board Commits $2.5M In Grants For Oil Patch Township Roads

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Land Board committed an additional $2.5 million in energy impact grants today to help townships in oil-impacted areas repair roads damaged by heavy truck traffic.

During the current biennium, the Land Board has awarded a total of $124 million in grants to help cities, townships and other political subdivisions in the Oil Patch address impacts created by rapid development.

For a complete list of projects approved for funding, go to The grants awarded today can be found here.

2 Responses

  1. Jacki

    This won’t even begin to fix even one road destroyed by the oil industry. They are destroyed as soon as they are repaired. The industry and mineral owners should be paying for this not the tax payers.

    1. Kay

      Those who pay the most in taxes are usually the mineral owners and industry through income, extraction and production taxes along with other special assessment taxes. I’m sure you use the roads too. So I’m not sure where you get off thinking that the Industry and Mineral Owners are not tax payers. Get this, Effective tax rates of “Big Oil”:
      Exxon: 42%
      Chevron: 43.3%
      Conoco Phillips: 45.6%
      Oxy: 40.2%
      I bet none of the “taxpayers” you know pay almost half of their earnings to our government.


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