Williston Voting Lines Longer Than The Lines At Walmart

WILLISTON, N.D. – Voters in Williston are waiting more than an hour to cast their ballots today.

The Raymond Family Community Center, where all residents who live within city limits vote, has a line that runs downstairs and at times today has stretched out the front door. Some people in line contemplated leaving and coming back, but there was no sign of the line getting any shorter.

Before polls opened at 8 a.m., an estimated 100 people were already there waiting to vote.

Many appeared to be new residents, as they brought their driver’s license as well as a piece of mail to prove their residence.
Other counties in the Oil Patch also expect record turnout today.
If you live in Williston, today might be a good day to make a Walmart trip. Everyone else will be waiting in line at the polls.


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