Most Williston Workers Allowed To Vote, But One Disappointed That He Was Turned Away

Jeff Stautner, who moved to Williston from Texas, said he wasn’t able to vote today because he could not prove his residency.

WILLISTON, ND. – While most people who attempted to vote in Williams County today were allowed to cast their ballots, one man said he was disappointed to be turned away after he couldn’t prove his residency.

Jeff Stautner, who moved to North Dakota from Texas in July, said it was important to him to vote for president, so he took off work for more than an hour from his job at Border States Electric to stand in line to cast his ballot.

But Stautner said he wasn’t allowed to vote because he didn’t have a driver’s license with his current address. He said his pay stubs don’t have his address, his utility bill comes in his roommate’s name and he didn’t have any receipt mail.

“This is where I live,” Stautner said. “I’ve been living here for almost half a year.”

Williams County Auditor Beth Innis said 99 percent of people who showed up at the polls today were able to vote. She said people who did not have proof of residency were allowed to fill out a voter’s affidavit.

The only people who were not allowed to vote were a handful of people who lived in their vehicles and couldn’t provide a residential address, Innes said.

A few people who live in McKenzie County and attempted to vote in Williams County by mistake also were turned away, Innis said.

Polls are open until 7 p.m. in Williston. Everyone waiting in line at 7 will be allowed to vote, Innis said.

Turnout was heavy all day, and the number of people filling out affidavits added to the bottleneck, Innis said.

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  1. richard thomasson

    the homeless are not allowed to vote in ND? that seems like a rule left over from the ‘landed gentry’ era.

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