Demand For Electricity Projected To Triple For ND Oil Patch

Contractors from Anderson & Wood Construction of Idaho work on a transmission line project Tuesday near Williston, N.D., for Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative. Amy Dalrymple/Forum Communications

WILLISTON, N.D. – Electrical demand is expected to nearly triple in western and north central North Dakota over the next 20 years, fueled by oil and gas development and increasing populations.

A forecast released today says the 22 North Dakota counties in the Williston Basin will demand 3,030 megawatts of power by 2032, up from the current electric load of 971 megawatts.

The number of oil wells significantly affects the demand for electricity, along with the associated infrastructure such as compressor stations, salt water disposal sites, booster pumps and well pads. The forecast also considered population and housing projections.

The Watford City and Williston areas are expected to see the greatest increases. The forecast calls for a 339 percent increase in demand for electricity in McKenzie County and a 232 percent increase in demand for Williams County.

The North Dakota Industrial Commission received the report today. The North Dakota Transmission Authority commissioned the planning and engineering firm KLJ to develop the forecast.

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  1. Dennis Conner

    So simple the solution to the growing need…….. Natural Gas powered generator plants. Clean, efficient and the fuel is abundantly available right out of our ground we sit on. Right now the flares you see burning are just going up in smokeless wonder because there is no readily available market for it. The logistics to capture, store and move it to sale able markets don’t exist.

    Just like the clay under our feet, we have more natural resources here that aren’t being utilized. With clean efficient natural gas electrical generation it is certainly a win win for everyone here in ND. And speaking of natural resources, how about the people of this great state! Good “family wage” jobs created not by the government but by our own and guess what folks, they did build it themselves!!! Government governs best when it just gets out of the way!!!


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