Photo Blog: Scenes From The Semi Vs. School Crash Near Watford City

WATFORD CITY, N.D. – Bystanders at the scene of Monday’s crash near Watford City that caused a semi to drive into the Johnson Corners Christian Academy captured some dramatic photos of the damage.

Torrie Adams, a 1998 graduate of the small private school who happened to be in the area around the time of the crash, shared these photos with me.

She took photos right after the accident happened, as well as later Monday when people began cleaning up the wreckage.






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  2. Marlene Beyer

    God Almighty How fast was that truck going anyway????? It’s time to stop the chaos and shut down the terrorizing on the highways caused by the oil industry. What was a “green” state is no more and now our children’s and grandchildren and YES even the lives of our great grandchildren are at stake. EVERY TIME WE GET INTO A VEHICLE FOR ANY REASON (ENTERTAINMENT OR WORK) WE ARE ALL AT RISK EVEN MORE SO THAN THOSE IN THE CITIES. What’s wrong with that picture !!! Listen to the truckers who have been doing this for a living for years and years. They were never afraid to drive across country and into and across cities but don’t want to drive across western North Dakota!!

    1. L.A.B.

      It was the cars fault. The kids that go to that school travel many miles a day to get their. When there is a school right next door.

      1. At the school

        The kids travel may miles to get to school because they want a better education, one where they can learn about God and have a knowlege of the books. It wasn’t the semi drivers fault, nor was it the lady who was driving the car. It twas and accident, with no one to blame. God saved each and every one of their lives, and they are gratefull for it. I go to that school, and that incident changed my life for the better. I got to see my community come out and support us, and we became a closer school because of it. It could not have come at a better time. God is my hero, and He loves you and I. He must really love all of us at JCCA because he saved our lives from getting run over! God Bless 😀

    2. anomyous

      it wasnt the drivers fault the women pulled out in front of the semi driver , the semi driver tried to swerve to miss her and went off the road into the school he was going 10 under the speed limit

      1. Sydney

        “According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, the accident was at the intersection of ND Highways 23 and 73 (commonly known as “Johnson Corner”). A semi truck lost control due to a car running a stop sign, which sent the semi up a hill, through a fence, careening off a school bus, into a pickup, and through the wall of the school. The driver of the car involved in the accident was killed – none of the injuries to those in the school were serious.”

  3. concerned

    There’s no excuse for a semi to be going fast enough past a school to: hit the car that failed to stop, go off road, up the ditch, through the chain link fence, across the parking lot, into the corner of a bus, into a pickup, pushing it inside and 60 feet into the school building! The speed limit past that school NEEDS to be reduced. Streets in cities have reduced speeds past their schools. Why not the same for the busy highway past that country school? Do those children not deserve the same protection and concern as town kids? I heard people at the school have asked for reduced speed signs in the past, only to have their requests rejected by the DOT. Who at the DOT is rejecting this request I’d like to know, because if any of these children were killed in this accident, in my opinion, that person would be partially responsible. Maybe this scary close-call will wake someone up at the DOT to get something done about this busy intersection. How hard is it to put some signs up in all 4 directions, reducing the speed coming up to that school? Sure, some won’t slow down anyway, but many will. People need to think about how they’d feel if their kid went to school there and what they would want on that highway past that school to ensure their child’s safety. I don’t know how those kids/teachers can ever feel safe there again, until something is changed.

  4. in the school

    Well, I understand all that and the speed limit was lowered but it doesn’t seem to have done anything. I think a four-way stop would be the least they could do. I was in the school when it happened. Various other articles make it sound like the kids eating lunch were on the total other side of the school, or that nobody was seriously hurt. Two of my frineds almost died. My sister was outside. she thought I died. I got hit by a lunch table. four of my other friends were hit by tons of sheet rock (that was an exageration to make a point). Honestly, you may not believe in God, but who couldn’t after hearing all the stories and reading all the articles. All the students and staff are still here and we are doing awesome. God saved my life and I’m not afraid to say it to the world. Because apart from him, probably 10+ people from the school would not be here; I praise and thank God that they are still here, and I am proud to say that God saved my life that day.

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