Larry The Cable Guy Gits ‘r Done In Oil Patch

Larry the Cable Guy, wearing a pink hard hat with a Git-R-Done sticker, observes construction at the Capital Lodge crew camp near Tioga, N.D., while filming for his History Channel show “Only in America.” Amy Dalrymple/Forum Communications

TIOGA, N.D. — Larry the Cable Guy was among some of his biggest fans Tuesday when he stopped to film a show at an Oil Patch crew camp.

“Oh, my gosh. We’re from the South. This is like our hero,” said Angela Woodworth, one of the owners of Butler Mobile Home Services of Gainesville, Fla., that is working on the expansion of a man camp.

She said she and her crew were excited to host Larry.

The comedian spent Tuesday afternoon helping the construction workers at the Capital Lodge near Tioga while filming his History Channel show “Only in America,” which focuses on stories around the country that make America great.

Larry drove a bulldozer to move an 80-foot mobile home that’s part of the expansion for Capital Lodge, which will house 2,500 residents after it’s completed. He also did work underneath a mobile home and drove anchors into the ground to secure one of the trailers.

Patrick Logan of Florida, who works for the mobile home company, said the highlight for him was seeing Larry working under the mobile home.

“It was cool. I watch the show all the time,” Logan said.

While waiting for the film crew to set up, Larry cracked dirty jokes with some of the employees of Capital Lodge.

“That’s man-camp humor,” Larry said.

The comedian changed the opening scene at the camp to feature Kasha Mason, the camp’s public relations vice president, who was dressed in a long, flowing gown and looked like an unlikely person to be in a man camp.

“We’re going for laughs,” Larry said.

Larry the Cable Guy receives instructions while filming at the Capital Lodge crew camp near Tioga, N.D., for his History Channel show “Only in America.” Larry recruited Kasha Mason, vice president of public relations for the camp, to be in the opening shot at the man camp.

The comedian signed a hard hat and the backs of some of the construction workers’ T-shirts before surprising the residents of Capital Lodge in the cafeteria for dinner.

Larry said he can relate to many of the men working in North Dakota because, like them, he’s away from his family most of the year. He said he expects to be home 17 days between now and Christmas.

Denise Kanyer, who drives a shuttle for oilfield workers, waited for more than four hours at the Capital Lodge and got to meet Larry in the cafeteria.

“I’m a major fan,” said Kanyer, of Mississippi. “I was lost for words.”

Larry’s crew also is filming in the Williston area. Larry will have a public appearance at 3 p.m. today at MonDak Motorsports, 413 Second St. W., Williston.

The new season of the show is expected to begin airing in February.

Larry the Cable Guy talks with Bobby Phillips, a service mechanic from Mississippi, in the cafeteria of Capital Lodge crew camp near Tioga, N.D.

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  1. Karla Huether

    This is a far cry from representing North Dakota! Not one person mentioned that worked with Larry the Cable Guy is from North Dakota. What a joke! If you want to show what North Dakotans are like, work with North Dakotans. These people are from Florida and Mississippi. This is not ok in my book.

  2. HopeJudy

    He never did show up at the Mon Dak Motorsports store though. We all waited for a LONG TIME and NOTHING. very dissapointed.

  3. Nataleigh Butler

    Im the owners daughter Of Butler Mobile Home Service and our men along with my father enjoyed working with Larry. He’s very down to earth, but yes we are from Florida and i don’t see a problem with that. Most people in North Dakota are from out of state.

    1. katie

      “most people in north dakota are from out of state”

      THAT has to be the most ignorant remark I have heard in quite some time.
      Don’t spout your mouth off about things you clearly know nothing about.

  4. my boys were very excited..the hard hat that day was purchased by Jeff Walls and other son Ryan Walls was also filmed that day.and yes they got his autograph..we just would like to see it aired>>>when please???so we can watch,,,oh yeah..

    when will this be aired???? thx my boys had a blast that day…awesome job…

    1. I was told in January by a producer for the show that April is when the new season will likely begin airing. He didn’t have a specific date for the North Dakota episode.

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