Bond Set At $1 Million For Tioga Crew Camp Shooting Defendant

Victor Lamont

WILLISTON, N.D. – A judge set bond today at $1 million cash or bond for Victor Scott Lamont, the man charged with murder and attempted murder in connection with a shooting at a Tioga, N.D., crew camp.

Lamont, 24, Lufkin, Texas, is accused in Williams County District Court of fatally shooting Gerald Schild of Katy, Texas, during a Saturday night incident at the Wanzek camp near Tioga.

He also is charged with shooting and injuring Travis Lomax of Fort Smith, Ark., and two counts of terrorizing for threatening two other men with a gun. All five men involved were working on pipeline construction.

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  1. ND local

    This is ridiculous. This is not the same place I grew up in anymore. I am a 24 yr old local female with kids and i absolutely dread going anywhere outside of my house. The oilfield may bring money but its brought more death as well. At this point i would rather live pay check to pay check in a safe environment then have all the money in the world in a dangerous environment. My condolences to the mens families!

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