Photo Blog: A Day At Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Scoria Point Overlook

MEDORA, N.D. – I took a break from Oil Patch reporting on Saturday and spent the day with family in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I didn’t notice many signs of oil development while we explored the south unit of the park. Once we saw oil tanks in the distance, but only because we had binoculars. There was one spot along the main drive where you could see oil wells that are just outside of park boundaries. But the tanks were not bright blue or really obvious, they blended in with the surroundings.

The park was very busy, even though the day started off rainy. You could tell by some of the vehicles and the logos on guys’ hats that many were likely oilfield workers enjoying the park on their day off.

View from the Ridgeline Trail

  We got excited to get this close to bison.

 But then we got closer.

And closer.

And then they started following us.

We also saw prairie dogs, horses and two deer during our drive. The highlight for my husband’s uncle was seeing deer and bison at the same time. (The bison are way at the top of this photo.)

A dog named Bear was my backseat companion for the drive through the park. We had to hold him inside the pickup to keep him from jumping out the window and chasing prairie dogs. And my husband had to hold onto the waist of my jeans as I stood up and leaned as far as I could outside the pickup to take these photos. Fortunately, no one got a photo of that.


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  1. Emelie Neher

    Several years ago when my children and I went through Yellowstone National Park, we had to leash our MinPin in the car, because he started to get out to chase the buffalo!

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