Alexander, N.D., Crew Camp Opens Dining Hall To Public

Workers go through the line at the Bakken Buffet near Alexander, a crew camp dining hall that is open to the public. Amy Dalrymple/Forum Communications

ALEXANDER, N.D. – Do you have a man-sized appetite? Are you curious to see what the inside of a crew camp looks like?

If so, I’ve got a restaurant recommendation for you.

The Bakken Buffet near Alexander opens its dining facility up to the public, which most crew camps don’t do.

I had been curious about it and finally stopped there recently while driving home to Williston from Watford City.

That night they featured prime rib, halibut and chicken cordon bleu.

I was one of the few people dining that evening who didn’t live in the camp, but I’m told it is starting to catch on with the public.

One of the buffet’s fans is 90-year-old Elma Melland of Alexander. It’s giving locals another dining option they didn’t have before.

“I think their prime rib is wonderful,” Melland said.

Elma Melland, center, visits with her nephew, Rod Neer, and niece, Bonny Cluchie, after they treated her to a meal at the Bakken Buffet in an Alexander, N.D., crew camp.

It’s located near Alexander at 14060 Highway 85 N.

Breakfast, served from 4 a.m. to 10 a.m., costs $14.50.

Lunch, served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., costs $15.50.

Dinner, served from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., costs $21.50.

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  1. Dave Hammers Hammers constrution Colo Springs CO.

    we have a project in Watferd 6 to 10 guys two months starting in January do you have flor plan for the rooms and a litel more abought the facility

  2. Why is everyone paying 3/4 of their hourly wage to rent and eat in N.D.> just because of a gas company is paying a few bucks more than they would at a normally skilled labor position…people aren’t as well off as the media portends…someone is getting coal for Christmas! Get ready for a very cold year…Rudolf’s nose is dimmer than usual…I think he has a touch of industrialitis…anyone know where there is a drugstore that is allowed for Reindeer without a urine anti drug test? He seems pretty sad shape

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