Governor Favors Turning Natural Gas Into Fertilizer

BISMARCK – Gov. Jack Dalrymple is encouraging investment in processing plants that would convert North Dakota’s abundant supplies of natural gas into fertilizers.

Dalrymple has spoken with industry leaders who are considering investing in processing plants that would convert natural gas into nitrogen-based fertilizers such as anhydrous ammonia and urea. Standard-sized processing plants require an investment of up to $1 billion and can produce about 2,200 tons of nitrogen fertilizer daily.

Converting natural gas to fertilizer reduces flaring of natural gas, diversified the economy and creates a more reliable fertilizer supply for farmers, Dalrymple said.

“While we continue to supply the nation with high-quality natural gas, we can also continue to add value right here in North Dakota,” Dalrymple said.

Thursday, the North Dakota Agricultural Products Utilization Commission will hear consider a request for $150,000 to help finance a business plan to construct an anhydrous ammonia fertilizer manufacturing plant that could use natural gas.

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  1. James Parker

    If the NDCGA could obtain a long term (20 – 25 years) gas
    supply contract it would be a good investment.

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