Spotted: ‘Trucker bomb’ in downtown Fargo

Spotted: What appears to be a “trucker bomb” was in a downtown Fargo parking lot Monday night.

The Oil Patch has become notorious for so-called trucker bombs – the pee-filled pop bottles discarded by truck drivers alongside highways. 

But I’ve lived in Williston since February and I still haven’t seen one. I once asked a truck driver about them and he told me I must not be looking hard enough. So I guess they’re out there. But I’ve actually been in ditches outside Williston and Watford City interviewing people picking up trash and I still haven’t come across one.

So I found it quite amusing on Monday night when my husband spotted what appeared to be a trucker bomb – but we were in downtown Fargo, not the Oil Patch. My photo isn’t the best – I guess I didn’t want to get too close. But it looked like a water bottle filled with a yellow liquid in a downtown parking lot.

In all fairness to truckers, it likely did not come from one of them since it was downtown. Perhaps it was a bar-hopper bomb?

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