Halliburton Serves Thousands With Barbecue Food Truck

Brothers J.J. Miller, left, and Sam Miller, both of Denver, run the Halliburton barbecue truck.

BISMARCK – What’s more valuable to Halliburton: the company’s frack fluid recipe or its barbecue recipe?

I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you which one is tastier.

Halliburton sponsored an impressive barbecue for about 4,000 attendees of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference Tuesday.

Crews began cooking at midnight Tuesday to give the meat plenty of time to smoke for the evening event.

The feast required 1,200 pounds of meat, 60 gallons of beans and 200 pounds of bacon and sausage for the beans.

The man behind the barbecue recipe is 30-year-old Sam Miller of Denver who used to work with hydraulic fracturing for Halliburton before he found his calling as their cook.

Halliburton’s food truck – a self-contained cooking unit with barbecue pits – travels around the country eight months out of the year for corporate and charity events. The truck is 64 feet in length and weighs 63,000 pounds.

Sam has prepared food for even larger crowds than Tuesday’s event. He served food for victims of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.

Sam has been working with the truck for seven years and recently recruited his brother, J.J. Miller, 33, Denver, to help.

Running the barbecue truck is a lot harder than fracking, Sam said, but he enjoys it more.

“I like meeting all the different people,” Sam said.

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  1. Rita Burr

    Amy – Keep up the good work – I find your articles so interesting and informative – and always a variety of views of the “oil patch”. Thanks! Rita

  2. Angelo Villalva

    I have met Sam and JJ both and we were all very impressed with the amazing food and also how well they represented Halliburton- first class gentlemen. They do a fantastic job!

  3. Lloyd Martinez Jr.

    Sam and J.J. are hardworking brothers who’s ribs are delicious. I know! Keep up the swell work guys!!!

  4. Marti Martinez

    I met Sam through my son who is good friends with both Sam & JJ Miller. Halliburton, is a lucky company to have the services of both Sam & JJ as I know Sam to be a hard working and energetic person. Keep up the good work fellas!

  5. Debra Andrews

    I saw this today 4/230/15 headed W on Hwy 52 Frederick, CO. I thought I was seeing things. Awesome

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