Former Fargo Radio Producer Launching New Food Truck, Radio Show From Dickinson

WILLISTON, N.D. – Former KFGO executive producer Jason Spiess is makin’ bacon and “Talkin’ Bakken.”

The 38-year-old Fargo man left his radio job with plans to open The Rolling Stove mobile food truck in Dickinson.

But in addition to serving breakfast and barbecue, Spiess will broadcast a new radio show from the food truck every day over the noon hour called “Talkin’ Bakken.”

The show, billed as being the pulse of the patch, will focus on the culture of western North Dakota, Spiess said.

The Dickinson radio station KLTC 1460 AM will be the flagship station. It also will air on at least three other stations in North Dakota and South Dakota, Spiess said.

The food truck will be stationed in the parking lot of Mac’s Hardware in Dickinson.

When Spiess was researching locations, he counted an average of 120 vehicles passing by the store every 10 minutes between 5 and 7 on a Monday morning.

“If I could get one of those customers every 10 minutes to stop by, that’s doing really well,” he said.

The truck is a 1973 Indian Winnebago that had been converted into a barbecue smoker, Spiess said. He bought it on and is improving it to feature a music theme and a logo that’s similar to the Rolling Stones logo.

The truck also will be where Spiess sleeps until he can secure housing in Dickinson. He plans to commute to Fargo on weekends to visit his son.

Spiess, a former restaurant manager of Basies in Fargo, is developing a menu that will feature pulled pork sandwiches, taco grinders and breakfast sandwiches.

The food truck opens May 7 and the radio show begins May 13.

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