Pope Talks About The Bakken During Bismarck Bishop’s Visit To Rome

Even the pope knows the Bakken is rockin.’

Bishop David Kagan of the Catholic Diocese of Bismarck recently visited Pope Benedict XVI in Rome.

Kagan was surprised to learn that Benedict was not only familiar with the oil development in western North Dakota, he also mentioned the Bakken by name.

“I think we’re on the map,” Kagan said in an interview this week. “We’re becoming more and more famous as time goes on.”

Catholic bishops visit the pope and the Vatican every five years, Kagan said.

During their 10-minute conversation, Kagan spoke with Benedict about how the expanding oil development is affecting the church.

“He was interested in what I was describing as some of the challenges I see for the Catholic church and our catholic parishes up in the Bakken because of the increased numbers of people and all of the activity,” Kagan said.