Williston Church Welcomes New Residents For Easter

WILLISTON, N.D. – Whether you came in a suit and tie or blue jeans and camouflage, members of New Hope Wesleyan Church embraced newcomers for Easter Sunday.

The church held a community service at Williston State College to bring together members from all three of the church’s typical Sunday services and to welcome new residents of Williston.

The Rev. Michael Skor, who wore blue jeans for the service, said people may feel safer attending a service for the first time in a community building rather than a church.

“Especially folks who are new to town, this might be even more inviting,” Skor said.

Skor said church leaders planned for 1,500 people.

Even the offering plates were more casual for this service. They used wicker baskets and red and white KFC buckets.