Historic Oil Site Reflects Current Flurry Of Activity

TIOGA, N.D. – Recently I decided to check out where North Dakota’s oil development began: the Clarence Iverson farm south of Tioga.

I exited Highway 2 and drove in the direction of a historic marker, but I drove right past it.

The sign pointing it out was so badly mangled it was illegible. The road was busy with truck traffic, so I presume a truck must have crashed into it at some point.

Once I turned around and spotted the marker, I attempted to drive up to it. But there was such a deep rut in the road that I had to park and walk up to see it.

The marker recognizes the location that oil was discovered in 1951 by the Amerada Petroleum Corp.

But it’s not some boring relic. It’s surrounded by a flurry of oil development that’s still going on 60 years later, as evidenced by the signs of heavy traffic.